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Truth, Integrity, Strength

That is the essence of technical metal.

Technical Metal
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Welcome to the first Livejournal community dedicated to technical metal.

Suffocation - The True Masters Of Technical Brutality

I still have more to do here, but let it be known this community launched on the 3-year anniversary of the death of technical metal's perfector, Chuck Schuldiner.

Everything needs rules, otherwise, chaos ensues. Sounds fun, looks fun - but it isn't.

1. Post. Relevant. Entries. Ask for recommendations, discuss music theory, trade some information about music composition, and the like, and so forth, and so on. Just don't yammer on and on about how much you love... whatever it is you love.
2. Submit the application. Shortly after joining, click the link to the formal application below [with the appropriate bolding tags already added for your convinience] to fill out. It asks you for information like what concerts you've attended, whether or not you play an instrument, and what some of your favorite bands are. If some of your favorite bands aren't technical or progressive, or even metal, that's okay, we encourage honesty... But... *See next rule.*
3. Please keep the posting on topic. If you want to discuss how cute the "band members" from Good Charlotte are, or how "off the hook" the new Snoop Dogg single is, this isn't the place to do it.
4. Respect other people and their opinions. I'm a big advocate and believer that people allow their preference of something to interfere with their judgment of how good of quality it really is, but please refrain from belittling or engaging in otherwise argumentative encounters. A happy community = a happy moderator; that's as simple as it gets. :D
5. Please no metalcore/hardcore kids. I know you guys are really into that whole Unearth scene, but keep that dirty stuff out. It may indeed be mildly technical, but it certainly isn't metal - and the band members are idiots.

Here as promised is the link to the Formal Application Form.

Don't get me wrong,
this is not a rating community. The application for you to fill out is simply requested so that I can get to know each and every member as best as possible. I just hope it isn't too long or too much to ask... Is it too long? I'm probably just being nuerotic. Let me know.

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